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The pottery business established by Josiah Wedgwood proved unfit to survive in today’s harsh economic environment and has perished in its current form, pending possible resurrection by a brave or rash investor. Woolworth’s was another dinosaur; its customers had forgotten quite why they were supposed to visit a store.

All macroeconomic conditions dictate that the weakest succumb first. Accordingly, costs incurred through media and advertising efforts must be assessed carefully to trim any waste. My.ComMetrics.com allows you to assess your blogging performance in order to become more effective, while protecting your corporation’s bottom line. Step 1: sign up and get the 60-day free trial.

What does My.ComMetrics.com do?
ComMetrics is web-based software that allows our clients to benchmark their blogging efforts and measure how well they are doing in comparison to others, whether similar companies or world-class leaders.

Currently, there is no available global standard to measure how successful your blog is: the My.ComMetrics.com solution provides you with a standard that allows you to see if you are following best practices when it comes to your social media efforts. It helps you find answers to questions like:

    – are we getting a good return for our blogging efforts?
    – how well do we rank within our blogging niche?
    – is our blog effectively helping us to build our brand?
    – what are the trends: improving or stagnating?
    – how can we move up in the rankings within the next three months?

Good ideas help you do whatever you need to do. Using My.ComMetrics.com saves time and helps your social media activities meet with success.
Find out more ==> it takes five minutes to sign up, claim a blog & off you go on the path to benchmarking

Who is My.ComMetrics.com for?
This product is for:
social media experts who design and work on improving corporate marketing strategies and activities,
corporate and professional bloggers who need to know how better to reach their target audience(s), and
– you and me, the blogger who just wants to do basic stuff to see how we rank compared to others.

Bottom line
ComMetrics is like a good bread recipe:
a) it provides simple instructions to create great output and data that show you how to make your blog an effective corporate communications tool;

b) it allows you to work smarter while saving time; and
c) it empowers you to reduce costs and increase revenue by making smart decisions about how to use the social media that affects your bottom line.

All it takes is for you to sign up, register your blog, and enter the blogs you want to compare yourself to.

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