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The essence of benchmarking is the continuous process of comparing current with previous performance, and watching for trends. This ensures that you see the changes that will help improve your blogging and social media efforts. Comparing yourself with other leaders and best-in-class bloggers provides additional information that facilitates continuous improvement.

The purpose is to learn how the best-in-class have achieved excellence and set out to surpass them:

    Why reinvent the wheel if I can learn from someone who has already done a great job?

The benefits of social media are often intangible and primarily gained in terms of process efficiencies. However, in the end, executives are generally coaxed into adoption by demonstrating the losses to be incurred by not adopting social media, blogging and micro-blogging.

This tool allows you to demonstrate to stakeholders how well the competition is doing and, most importantly, what you need to do to surpass their performance.

What is My.ComMetrics.com?
My.ComMetrics.com is the first universal web-based benchmarking application for blogs.

What can I do with it?
With My.ComMetrics.com you can gather a wide range of relevant information on your blog, such as:

    – benchmarking your blog
    – seeing how your blog compares to others
    – tracking competitors’ blogs
    – reaching your blogging objectives faster
    – finding out which changes to your blog result in the greatest ranking improvements

How does ComMetrics help your blog become more successful?
The web-based tool at My.ComMetrics.com tells you how successful you are as a blogger and gives you answers to such important questions as:

So you have a corporate blog like blog.Daimler.com, which is written by several employees, or Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog, which is written by the CEO of Sun Microsystems and you want to know how each blog compares to similar ones. This can mean almost anything, from blogs within the same industry or those from the same country. A blog written by employees should probably not be compared to a blog written by a competitor’s CEO, since that would be like comparing apples to oranges.

As a blogger, you also want to know how well you are doing compared to the best in your particular class, information that My.ComMetrics.com provides you. To help you compare apples to apples, we can rank or compare your blog using various grouping or control variables, such as:

All it takes is five minutes of your time to get yourself signed up and start tracking how well your blog is doing compared to your competitors. Our promise is that after you have began benchmarking you will appreciate the insights you gain so much, you wonder what you did without this tool before.

Discover ComMetrics and take advantage of our risk-free trial option now. It takes less than five minutes to start getting results.