The importance of competitive benchmarking

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/09/02 · 11 comments 11,677 views

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ComMetrics, a division of CyTRAP Labs GmbH, focuses on competitive benchmarking and social media analytics (e.g., developing the FT ComMetrics Blog Index – the industry standard for ranking corporate blogs of FT Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies).

Through My.ComMetrics.comComMetrics offers its clients the use of web-based software for social media monitoring, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are valuable in enabling teams and companies to quickly evaluate the progress made against measurable goals, such as the ComMetrics Footprint. Effective KPIs for social media monitoring and tracking are:

    specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented & relevant, as well as time-sensitive.

By using you can easily visualize answers to your KPIs for social media tracking and analytics:

    What social media measurements and metrics am I ahead or behind on?
    How far ahead or behind am I in reaching the competitive benchmarks?
    How do my competitors perform against these KPIs?

Actionable metrics help with data collection through to answer these questions and, most importantly, take necessary actions while tracking improvement.

Without key performance indicators, such as a 110 percent increase in your ComMetrics Footprint or other distinct objectives, your social media optimization will not reach its full potential. provides straightforward answers you need to use our tools more effectively, while saving time and improving your social media tracking and brand monitoring.

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