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The first 10 seconds decide if a user stays on your webpage or leaves again.  The CyTRAP BlobRank helps you improve your communication & benchmarks your performance against the industry standard.

The CyTRAP BlobRank (you are here) –   is an algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each blog post to obtain the score ranging from 0 (worst) through 100 (best).

The CyTRAP BlogRank is calculated by using SIX  indices: Headline ScoreText Complexity Score, First Impressions Score, Knowledge Transfer Score,  Online Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMMA) made up of the  Ripple Score (Facebook, LinkedIn AND Twitter) and the Engagement/Social Interaction Score.

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This information as obtained from each index is calculated into an overall score by giving each index a 1/5 weighting Sum  [Headline ScoreEngagement Score,  Text Complexity Score, Knowledge Transfer ScoreRipple Score,  and the First Impressions Score)]/ 5 =  CyTRAP BlogRank.

Click here to find out how we process the raw data. Before anything is calculated, all numbers are standardized using z-scores.  Important is also to understand that we calculate the ComMetrics Footprint over a three months period. Therefore, all blog posts over a period of about 12 weeks or 90 days are included in the calculations.

Nevertheless, when a week has passed and we re-assess the CyTRAP BlogRank (PS. we do it daily!), the oldest week from last period gets dropped to be replaced by the latest (i.e. most recent) week to have again about 90 days in the period measured to obtain the CyTRAP BlogRank.

Then, the z-scores for the five indicators such as Headline ScoreText Complexity ScoreFirst Impressions Score, the  Ripple Score (Google+, Twitter AND Facebook) and the Engagement/Social Interaction Score.  These scores are the added up to get an overall z-score. Each indicator is given the same weight.

At this point, the overall scores are compared and rescaled using 100 as the top score.


You can find more details about the the  Methodology regarding — Composite indicatorsHow raw data are normalizedHow rankings are calculatedWhat about missing values?, Trend time seriesWeighting) AND — CyTRAP rankings (Method behind the numbers) using the links provided.