7 – Case studies

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    Case studies of significant social media implementation and benchmarking – from identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs), through development, to the end result.
    Easily track and benchmark the effectiveness of your corporate blog — or team blog — in one place.So your 1st step – is to sign-up for the 90 day free-trial

FT ComMetrics Blog Index
Financial Times * develop an index to benchmark corporate blogs from the FT Global 500
* determine if certain blogs foster better communication between blogger(s) and readers/target audience
* Discuss ranking results

* Track performance improvements
* Assess improvements in context
* Decide about future investments in the blog
* Discuss trend changes

Leading hotels
* Post info and photos of events
* Assess response (e.g., comments) to campaigns launched via blog
* Benchmark blogging efforts against regional competitors
* assess Web 2.0 features – frankness and openness

Real estate agents
* Assess potential impact of posted info and photos of prospective properties
* Clarify long-term effectiveness of social media supported sales campaigns
* Develop strategies for reaching pontential clients with social media

* Update clients on the latest tax laws
* Assess client response to audit freebies
* Improve effectiveness of human resource recruiting campaigns

* Post and discuss recruiting strategies with blog readers
* Improve visibility with university graduates
* Rank corporate blog against competitors

Internal blogs
* Compare performance across internal blogs
* Prepare blogging campaigns learning from best-of-class bloggers
* Assess effectvieness of reaching contractors and consultants with topic related posts
* Sharing knowledge with cyber-community