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Financial Times The ComMetrics rankings spotlight excellent social media activities (e.g., websites or blogs) from around the world. In doing so, these rankings give you an opportunity to glean tricks and tips on the way to improvement. Still, many factors that cannot be measured should also figure into your decision, including: – the time commitment required for an effective social media campaign, – the business you focus on, and – the country you are located in (i.e. cultural considerations).

So why study our data at all?
Because, for instance, you can see at a glance where your website or blog’s statistics and scores might take you compared to the best of the class. The data in the tables allow you to compare websites or blogs on many other key characteristics and will almost certainly open up further lines of investigation, discussion and assessment. Someone interested in information security, for instance, can examine how successful the blogs are in reaching their target audience(s). C-level executives can see how their peers’ blogging efforts compare to their own level of influence in the blogosphere. Human resource managers can assess their online recruiting strategy for next year’s engineering graduates. They can get a sense from their firm’s online campaign’s effectiveness and see how cutting they are compared to their competitors when it comes to attract the top graduates. You might even discover possible choices and strategies regarding social media campaigns not on your radar screen before.

Bottom line
The rankings can inform your thinking-but they will not hand you an easy answer. We urge you to use them wisely and discuss them with an expert on your team, before delving into the work and spending too many resources. Reputation matters. After all, in a world of weak ties, what else do we have? What matters most is whether you are reaching your target audience. The latter can be narrow and very focused, not necessarily how many people read your posts. Engaging with the audience you want to have a relationship with is a smart strategy.

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