What the index judges

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We developed the FT ComMetrics Blog Index to give you the ability to compare and rank corporate blogs. Companies spend a lot of resources on social media, and blogging in particular. Deriving value from non revenue-generating activities is a challenge and requires uncovering the hidden values of corporate blogging.

What the index judges
The FT ComMetrics Blog Index enables users to regularly assess and compare their organization’s blog(s) with the best in their area of focus. In turn, comparing trends can reveal why certain actions and strategies may be more effective than others. As importantly, such comparisons enable users to improve their company’s rankings in the index.

The Index is a ranking – in fact, it is many rankings. The real aim is not to stimulate praise, blame or panic. Instead, its purpose is to help better illustrate what to do and what to avoid in the quest to make a blog as effective and successful as possible, practically and financially speaking.

Using the good blogging practices we have developed, as well as the relevant benchmarks, the FT ComMetrics Blog Index not only shows you where you stand, it also reveals the steps necessary to achieve cost-effective improvement.

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