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We used several criteria to decide which blogs to include and which ones to exclude. Answering the questions or addressing the problems outlined below was a helpful start:

– is the company included in the FT Global 500; if yes

– does the blog that should be included qualify as a corporate blog; if yes

– choose the C-level blog such as CEO (Chief Exectuvtive Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CFO (Chief Financial Officer), i.e. most any title that starts with Chief –

if no such blog is available (or access is restricted to people that registered beforehand – an example of this behavior is shown by SAP) than;

SAP's restrictive policy - executive blogs - registration required before one can see anything - why?

– select a product or service type of blog the company has (e.g., Daimler-Blog, Dell investor blog, or Coca-Cola Conversations); or if such a blog is not available either, than

– choose an employee blog (e.g., Oracle blogs)

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