Inclusion is a must

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Financial Times

If you are a FT Global 500 corporation, register your company’s blog(s) to be included in the upcoming FT ComMetrics blog index ==> there are some very good reasons why you want your corporate blog(s) AND micro-blogs included

Sometimes there is just no explanation for popularity of blogs.  Other times, one cannot follow how blogs got selected to be on a list or more often than not it just turns out to be a popularity contest.

But what about a ranking exercise that starts with benchmarking, identifies best practice and allows you to improve or use Kaizen?

The FT ComMetrics blog index enables you to benchmark yourself and compare your blog to the top 10 blogs in selected categories (e.g., online retailing, country, type of industry). In turn this makes it easy to see how one compares to the best in class.

The metrics you attain will empower you to prepare and justfy decisions that will affect your bottom line. For instance, the index could reveal that your performance is excellent considering the resources you are getting.  You may not have the resources that Walmart can throw at at the challenge (see below left).

    Jeff Shueyjshuey RT @beccataylor @jowyang Secret for corporate blogs: blog about SPECIFIC competitors products on their launch day to steal SEO thunder

The above advice is very insightful for a Fortune 500 like Microsoft or IBM. However, it fails to apply for an SME unless you are really lucky. The FT ComMetrics Blog Index provides you with actionable metrics that provide information needed for making some decisions.  In turn, what needs changing, where and how things can be improved for your corporation within the resource limits that you have set yourself can be done.
Just for a reality check, Walmart has plenty of staff to improve its presence in the blogosphere. However, if your corporation must make due with one or two people making best use of social media channels (e.g., see World Economic Forum), this has to be taken into consideration. So next time you benchmark against Walmart adjust findings based on staff being used to get there. Or could it just be that you are doing a bang up job like the World Economic Forum is with very limited resources?

The FT ComMetrics Blog Index tells you how your corporation is doing in comparison to the best around the globe. So what are you waiting for, participate., type in your blog’s URL and start tracking your performance – straight dashboard for straight answers.