Adding a corporate blog

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Financial Times How can you get your corporate blog included in the FT ComMetrics blog index?

You may ask us to add your corporation’s blog to this list. In some cases, we have more than one blog from a corporation in our index.

If you wish to have a corporate blog added we would appreciate you do as follows:

1) check if your corporation is on the FT Global 500 list, if not …. you know what to do, if yes than please,

2) assure yourself that the blog is a corporate blog and not just a business blog, if yes, than please

3) do an assessment regarding conversation, and finally, please

4) make sure your blog is alive and kicking.

If all the above applies to your blog, then please go ahead and send us the URL using the link provided below

contact us to get your blog added to the FT ComMetrics corporate blog index

If you prefer, call us +41 44 272-1876

Incidentally, best way is to register yourself and claim the blog let us know about it, we take care of the rest to get your blog and microblog published in the Financial Times.

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Here’s what I’m suggesting for today. Add your comment to this post. Please tell us about your corporate Twitter feed in 140 characters or so.

Please provide people with your corporate blog’s URL (hyperlink) so we can include it in our index. Thanks.