How rankings are calculated

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We standardize the data using “z-scores” before we calculate anything.

Scoring. To arrive at a corporation’s rank, we examined the data for each indicator. We then standardized the value of each indicator about its mean (using z-scores).

The final scores for our ComMetrics indices (e.g., ComMetrics Footprint) were rescaled:

– the highest-scoring corporate blog was assigned 100, and the other firms’ scores were recalculated as a percentage of that top score.

– the scores were then rounded to the nearest whole number and corporations placed in descending order.

Every enterprise’s performance is presented relative to the other firms with which it is being compared. A corporation with an overall score of 100 did not necessarily top out on every indicator; rather, it accumulated the highest composite score.

A company’s rank reflects the number of firms that sit above it:

– if two firms schools are tied at 1, the next company will be ranked 3, not 2, and

tied corporations are listed alphabetically.

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