12 – Getting top spot

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    Being data-driven versus mired in data – if changing a metric in one direction can be either good or bad, then that metric fails to be helpful.

Research reveals that a lack of insight as to how to convert key performance indicator/metric reporting into actionable strategy is the top frustration end-users experience, whether they leverage a free solution, a paid solution, or both.

Blog or social media analytics refers to the measurement and analysis of blog readers or social media users’ behavior. The guiding principle of social media analytics suggests that studying data and discovering the trends and patterns will help one to better target specific activities (e.g., spending time on Twitter), campaigns (online advertising) or blog posts (e.g., publishing how many each week and when) while increasing conversion rates (e.g., getting blog visitors to subscribe to the RSS feed or e-mail feed).

Just as in hockey, football or baseball, more information is collected than can be logically analyzed.

Improving blog rankings requires a more effective use of one’s resources to maximize top-line revenue from the online channel and increasing marketing campaign effectiveness.

Of course, nobody wants to be in the last 25 percent of a ranking produced but beyond that the key issue that must be addressed is  why should it be of interest to increase a blog’s ComMetrics Footprint? The same question must be asked about the Google PageRank, Technorati Authority, Technorati Ranking, Yahoo! InLinks, Google BlogSearch – why is improvement useful?

By clicking on the hyperlinks above some ideas are provided on how to improve scores obbtained by a blog. We focus on:

    how much effort and resources (e.g., money and manpower) suffice for what bottom line outcome, and
    – what are the  SMART metrics – Specific; Manageable; Actionable; Relevant; Trending web and blog analytics that should be applied for my company’s blog (or private one for that matter)?

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