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This is our download page for photos, imagages and screenshots pertaining to our web-based benchmarking software

Permission to reproduce – solely for the purposes of referring to – any of the images that can be downloaded from this page (below) is hereby granted.

Permission to reproduce any of the images that can be downloaded from this page will normally be granted to  media companies. To prevent abuse, we request that you companies contact ComMetrics – a division of CyTRAP Labs GmbH – Zurich – Switzerland to obtain permission to reproduce these images in print or other form:

Telephone: +41-44-272-1876

media information

To obtain one of these images/pictures, simply click on the image link. Once the full image is downloaded, right-click your mouse, click on “Save Picture As…”.

Downloading a picture of Urs E. Gattiker, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of ComMetrics and one of the founders.
Screenshots of our web-based software you can find further below. If what you need is missing, please let us know.

To obtain any of the images below, just move your mouse over it, right-click on the screenshot and choose view image. Once the full screenshot is downloaded to your browser window, right click on it and save the image.

enter your blog's URL and start comparing

The image shown above comes from the entry page on:

for people to enter their respective URL to get a quick first overview of the metrics that is being offered for tracking and benchmarking one’s blog

To the left is the image shown to viewers when coming to the page (upper left image)

Here the viewer can either enter his or her Username and Password to access her data.

New users can subscribe and get an account.

The image below is also taken from the front page of

The image below is the front page served to the user after having logged in at


For more information or images, please contact us directly:

CyTRAP Labs GmbH Telefon: +41 (0)44 272-1876
Roentgenstrasse 49 E-Mai: Info at CyTRAP dot eu
8005 Zurich

Additional sources of information that could be helpful:

about ComMetrics
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