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Financial Times The FT ComMetrics Blog Index ranks FT Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies’ corporate blogs.

The 2009 FT ComMetrics Blog Index will appear in the Financial Times newspaper’s regular Digital Business supplement and on its webpage (www.ft.com/digitalbusiness) on Wednesday, May 14.

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What is this index?
Through our blog index, ComMetrics continues the mandate it established to provide basic, essential information in a comprehensive package to help social media experts, bloggers and c-level executives choose the blogging strategy that best suits their needs.

The annual index assesses FT Global 500 blogs on a diverse range of factors, from key performance indicators and Google PageRank, to inbound commenting and length of posts as well as blogging success in obtaining inbound links.

ComMetrics surveys FT Global 500 social media efforts with a focus on corporate blogs and the intention of offering an overview of effective social media and blog use available to investors, consumers and others around the globe.Financial Times

How does it work?
So, what is so special about the FT ComMetrics Blog Index ranking system? In short, the biggest difference to other ranking systems is that in the FT ComMetrics index the focus is on blogging effectiveness. The latter is measured and characterised by several composite indicators, included but not limited to Footprint, Usability, Return on connecting and the Return on microblogging score.

What does the index tell you about your corporate blog?
What is important is that this index compares apples with apples (FT Global 500 corporate blogs) and product blogs with product blogs (see also what is ranked).

Hence, you can use the information to better focus your corporate blog to reach the target audience(s) you have identified.

Why the FTCBI is not an ego trap or ‘influencer’ list
Social media focuses on individuals. Self-promotion lies at the root of ego traps. However, the FT ComMetrics list is transparent by publishing its criteria and, as importantly, focusing on discovering important voices in the corporate blogging sphere and recognizing well-done work.

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