Method behind the numbers

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Financial Times What is the methodology we use for assessing a corporate blog sites’ effectiveness?

ComMetrics, a division of CyTRAP Labs GmbH developed a methodology that benchmarks corporate blogs in great detail. The FT ComMetrics Blog Index uses the same methodology, but at a lighter level.

The FT ComMetrics Blog Index ranks the effectiveness of the corporate blogs of the top 75 companies from the US, Europe and the rest of the world listed on the FT Global 500 2008. To create the table, the highest-scoring corporate blog is given a ComMetrics Footprint score of 100, and other scores are recalculated as a percentage in relation to that top score. The corporation with an overall score of 100 is therefore not necessarily top in every category; rather, it has accumulated the highest composite score.

To arrive at a corporation’s rank, we examine the data for each indicator and standardize the value for each about its mean using z-scores. All criteria are then aggregated and re-standardized. The following categories are used in the table of raw data.

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If you need more about methodology, check out details about the methodology used and composite indices applied. Whether your company features in the Index or not you can order your own Index report.

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