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The 2009 index will appear in the Financial Times newspaper’s regular supplement on Digital Business as well as on its webpage (www.ft.com/digitalbusiness) on Wednesday, May 13.

How many blogs or websites are there?
There are usually a selected number of blogs or websites, when new blogs are submitted the lowest ranked blogs are deleted to make room. Of course, the same applies for websites.

If the blog registered or submitted to us is a corporate blog from a FT Global 500 company, we track it in our database. Naturally, we include it in the rankings.

Which corporate blogs did you include?
For a recent list of these having been included in the FT ComMetrics Blog Index,for instance, you can visit here:

Important is to understand that we included one blog from each FT Global 500 company. Accordingly, if we had several blogs in the database we included the highest ranked blog in our FT ComMetrics Blog Index.

Why did you choose 75 blogs and not more to inlude in the rankings?

This was somewhat an arbitrary figure but based on the criteria outlined above we thought that 75 was  anice number. Neither too large nor too small.

Is this a list of the best blogs?
No, this ranking system measures how much reach each blog has, and how “important” each blog is.

Again same principles apply for blog rankings or any other social media we assess.

How often are the rankings updated?
Twice a month, roughly on the 2nd Saturday and the 4th Saturday of each month.

Some of our subscribers can get updates e-mailed to them whenever their tracked site(s) register changes.

How many lists are there?
We run several lists. The best known one is:

FT ComMetrics Blog Index

To get the scoop about these lists and rankings you should subscribe now so you can claim your personal and/or corporate blog AND trace those that you want to compare yourself to.